Website Trends 2015

Web design over the past year has been all about about simple, clear, and designs that are focused on less noise. In my eyes I can’t see website trends in 2015 changing dramatically but there will be some keys areas that all marketers will need to focus on, some will be existing areas like responsive design, while there will be some new areas like they way users react with on page content.

  1. Responsive Design

As predicted, responsive design will still be lead the way for website trends in 2015. If your website is not responsible you will need do something about this ASAP, apart from Google dropping non responsive sites from the search rankings it is also imperative from a users point of view that they can read your site on a mobile or tablet device.

In 2015, we can also expect the more and more smart watches come into the market. These smart watches will have Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, so the need for responsive design becomes more apparent.

  1. Flat Design

I have mentioned ‘flat design’ in one of my previous blogs and don’t expect this trend to disappear anytime soon. Flat design basically means, no noise and no clutter, and puts prominence on content and minimalist principles. This sort of design is much easier for users to search your website without getting confused by flashy buttons or confusing or noisy home pages.

  1. Large Images

We live in a very visual world online, users love images, so why not make them bigger. Capture your users attention by inserting large, full-width, aesthetically pleasing images and blow your users away.

Hold on! Won’t that affect site speed? Maybe 2/3 years this would definitely be a problem but since then hosting providers have seen the need to increase bandwidth. Look out for new ways that developers will resize and optimise images online.


Have you had any experience with these trends yet? What are your thought on website trends in 2015?